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Mr. President:

I would like to borrow a couple of moments of your time to request a favor of you.

On June 26, 1975 a terrible incident happened at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Two Agents of the FBI were caught in a gunfight and killed. These Agents and their families are in my thoughts at all times.

On April 18, 1977 a second terrible incident happened when Mr. Leonard Peltier was convicted of the murder of these two Agents. The trial of Mr. Peltier was riddled with false testimony, evidence that could have proven Mr. Peltier's innocence was either withheld by the prosecution or not allowed by the courts.

During the 1985 Appeal Hearing for Mr. Peltier, AUSU Crooks first conceded not knowing who Actually shot the Agents. Here is a section of the Oral Arguments from that Eighth Circuit Court Appeal:

Judge Ross: Certainly you attempted to prove that first of all Leonard Peltier was there with two or three other people.
Crooks: That's correct.
Judge Ross: Secondly that he was the only one there with an AR-15?
Crooks: That's correct.
Judge Ross: And thirdly that that AR-15 was the one that was recovered in the Wichita accident.
Crooks: No I can't agree with that because we simply don't know other than the shell matched. It could have matched any AR-15. It didn't matter which AR-15, all we were trying to show is that Mr. Peltier had an AR-15 that was his gun, that he had it, down by the bodies, a shell was ejected into the trunk. We didn't particularly care physically which one it matched up with.

Judge Ross: This would have been an entirely different case, both in terms of the manner in which it was presented to the jury and the sentence that the judge imposed, if the only evidence that you have was that Leonard Peltier was participating on the periphery in the fire fight and the Agents got killed.

Crooks: But we can't prove who shot those agents.

Since that date there has been a confession by an unknown individual. The FBI has not taken the confession seriously even though the confession included information that was previously unknown.

On November 09, 1992, AUSA Crooks again conceded the lack of evidence shown against Mr. Peltier in during Mr. Peltier's second Eighth Circuit Court appeal with this statement:

"We had a murder, we has numerous shooters, we do not know specifically who fired what killing shots. We knew who participated, we knew who was murdered, but we did not know "who shot the agents."

"What I mean is we did not, we did not have any direct evidence that one individual, as opposed to another on pulled the trigger... and did the coup-de-grace"

"We tried the case on the facts available. Period. The facts available did not give us direct evidence as to who did the coup-de-grace. They simply didn't..."

Mr. Peltier, housed at the Leavenworth Federal Prison, Bureau of Prisons Identification number 89637-132, deserves to be granted Clemency from the Executive Offices of the President of these United States.

Mr. President, I beg of you to do the right thing and release Mr. Peltier at your earliest ability. And with this being an election year. The action of releasing Mr. Peltier unconditionally will assist in securing continuation of the proud and strong Democratic Party maintaining control of the highest office in this great country.

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