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Pine Ridge

Occupation Peoples

Grass Roots Oyate

January 16, 2000

Until we Win

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Emergency call up

Sorry for this news having to be sent.. I am now taking it on myself to place this emergency call up of any and every supporter.
I received an email about 45 minutes ago asking me to call the Occupation Peoples at my earliest convenience. I went to call and the phones have been disconnected.
I sent them an email asking for another contact number and advised them the phones were down.
The reply from Pine Ridge is as follows:
Our phones have been disconnected. I do not know what we are going to do. we
are getting nervous about the situation.Rumors that we are now being under
attack are coming true. Can someone get a hold of the FCC in Washington.
They are trying to cut off electricity in the building. Wildhorse do
Please anyone that can help contact me as fast as you possibly can. Please all Native and Non Natives mobilize at your earliest ability.
Our Brothers are now fearing for their lives..
I beg of all supporters to help.
Wild Horse


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